Blue Laundry Room, basement laundry room design and ideas

Our teams are bursting with ideas for small laundry renovations

It is quite a feeling when you first press ‘start’ on a load of washing after a laundry renovation. The cause of this moment of awe? Seeing before you what can be achieved in such a small space. After a few clever small laundry renovation ideas, clean finishes and quality appliances and you will be well on your way to a stylish and functional laundry. Before you know it, you’ll be able to navigate the laundry with your eyes closed as everything will have a place and it will run seamlessly.

Sydney Style Small Laundry Renovation Ideas

We all know very well that laundries are usually tiny rooms, sometimes not much bigger than a separate toilet. Somehow, we are meant to wash clothes and linen, soak stains, iron, and store linen, vacuums, and laundry soaps plus the overflow from the rest of the house in this tiny space – and how often is the laundry the go-to place for our pets? This room does not get enough credit!

You don’t need to know the product catalogue from every manufacturer, but we do because this is what we have been living and breathing for years. Over this time, we have come to learn which products survive the test of time and which products work best in different scenarios. Depending on what your laundry goals are, your space and the style you want to achieve, our team will have options to fit.

6 small laundry renovation ideas

  • Minimal space for opening cabinet doors? Let’s talk about sliding doors (not the movie).
  • New baby in the house? We have solutions for baby proofing cabinets.
  • Does someone in the house do shift work and need some peace and quiet during the day? Install quiet, soft closing hinges in your cabinets.
  • Thinking about your environmental footprint? Us too! We can guide you in designing the most economical laundry which will help you do your part for the environment and will also mean lower energy costs.
  • You don’t have to bend down to clean out the bottom of the cupboard anymore. There are ergonomic drawers that elevate to a higher level when opened that take the strain off knees and backs that have done more than their share of hard work over the years.
  • If you don’t already have a dedicated laundry room, have you considered turning your bathroom into a dual-purpose room? The ‘laundry’ could even be completely hidden from sight behind doors.

There is no laundry challenge too hard for our team. No matter if you’re looking for a slight upgrade, a fresh makeover or a complete overhaul, start with your designer then look at appliances and finishing touches. Your laundry renovation could be done inside of a month.

Laundry Renovation Management

Any renovation can be tricky managing designs, house plans, pipe connections, builders and other tradesman. The Sydney Style Bathrooms and Kitchens team can manage the entirety of the renovation project from design to the finished project, or we can take more of a back-seat role. We are flexible. Customer service is important to us and we welcome you to utilise our services as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.