White Classic Contemporary Kitchen with Wooden benchtops and wooden floor

Sydney’s Best Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations are one of the most exciting home renovation projects! Kitchen renovations in North Shore are on the rise. More and more people are catching the kitchen renovation bug. Perhaps it is the new season inspiring everyone! People are even renovating before going on family holidays! Why not!? It makes sense to renovate our homes to make them our everyday holiday home.

The best kitchen renovations come from learning new ideas, technologies, products and finishes. You can turn your kitchen into a practical, functional space that works for you. Kitchens can be more than just cooking spaces!

We can hear the foodie’s out there saying ‘what? More than a food space?’ Sure! The kitchen should flow with your cooking style and turn cooking into an experience, not a chore. The kitchen can be a place where the passion of cooking is shared (with you as head chef of course). It can also be the place where friends and loved ones come to chat and share a glass.

Sydney’s Best Space-Saving Kitchen Renovations

Those that are space conscientious will LOVE the space-saving ideas flooding our showroom. One idea that our customers have ‘eaten’ up lately is the magic corner. There’s always a corner in the kitchen that is full of Tupperware, cake stands and things we haven’t used for years. They’re hidden away, out of reach in a space that could be better utilised. This is where ideas like the magic corner come in handy. We love the magic corner so much; we even made a video showing how clever it is! Have a look here.

When renovating your kitchen, every space should have a purpose. Installing beautiful cabinets that don’t provide functionality are just nice wall coverings.

Kitchen Renovations for Every Kitchen in the North Shore

Is your family big? Do you need two sinks and a dishwasher (not including the husband…)? We understand. Design your kitchen to suit your family’s needs. Make cooking and clean up simple and quick.

Renovating a small apartment kitchen? You’re going to want to capitalise on the space you have and choose finishes that open the space. Who wants to cook dinner every night in a small dungeon? Not you because we will guide you on what options will suit your space.

There are options for different tastes and styles.

Do you love all white with a touch of French luxury? We do too! We are also loving industrial finishes and the use of copper, marble and stone.

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