Custom Bathroom Renovations in Waitara or Pennant Hills

Custom Bathroom Renovations Built to Your Dream in Sydney

• Have you been dreaming you were stepping into a five-star bathroom
• Have you been watching The Block and dreaming of a new bathroom

Get the luxury feels happening at home with a Custom Bathroom Renovation right here in Sydney. You deserve it.

Does the holiday make us look fresher, or is it the clever lighting

We can all agree that a sleep-in is invaluable. When holiday rest isn’t on the agenda mid-week, you can still feel and look like you are on holiday. The secret is bathroom lighting. Soft, glowing, well-lit bathrooms do wonders, even in the early morning. Italian tiles, semi-inset bowls, waterfall showerheads, shadow cabinets and free-standing bathtubs. They can all look mediocre under the wrong lighting.

When choosing lighting for your luxurious bathroom, make sure you cover all the bases. Lighting for tasks such as applying makeup. Lighting for mood, re-energising and relaxing. Clever in-cabinet lighting prevents losing sight of your favourite items. Never lose your lipstick or the kid’s favourite band-aids again.


Everything in its Place

Luxurious hotel bathrooms just work. Imagine you’re getting ready for work; your hair is wet and the kids are nearly finished breakfast. You need to dry your hair and do your make up so you can rally the troops, do drop-offs and get to work. There’s no powerpoint nearby and someone moved the extension lead. This doesn’t happen in luxurious hotel bathrooms. Everything you need is right where you need it. Your bathroom designer will ensure the design suits your needs. Power and facilities where you need them when you need them.

Custom-Built Bathrooms

Let’s face it, we don’t all have the same routine or the same needs when it comes to bathroom style and functionality. That’s why choosing a pre-planned bathroom and thinking you can make it work for you doesn’t work. Why should you change your bathroom routine and change your needs to suit the bathroom plan? You’re the one putting your time, energy and hard-earned cash into it. It should be working for you. We all deserve a little luxury and a sanctuary that is completely ours.

Divine bathrooms that ooze beauty and are functional are what we specialise in. We can design and custom-build YOUR dream bathroom. If you are stressing at the thought of renovating, don’t worry. We can manage every aspect of your custom-built bathroom. Renovation packages are one of the ways we help you get the best value.

Visit us online or drop into our showroom today. We are excited to be a part of transforming your bathroom.
Divine finishes, quality materials and expert workmanship, joined with our years of experience and knowledge.