Classic Contemporary Modern White Kitchen with Brown Tiled Splashback Country Style

Expertly Designed to Give Your Kitchen Charm and Functionality, Your Home – Value and Your Life – Joy

The classic contemporary kitchen style sees rustic charm and modern elegance intertwine to create a warm, welcoming kitchen overflowing with creativity and functionality. When we think about the rooms in our homes where we socialise here in Australia, the kitchen rarely comes to mind first, but we know the kitchen is where the magic happens.

Classic and Contemporary

Classic contemporary kitchens fit seamlessly into any house design and offer the best of both worlds. While the contemporary part of the design favours hiding appliances, glassware and kitchenware away with ample storage options, the classic part of the design looks to displaying your most beloved kitchen items. A modern spice rack, a sleek floating shelf for your most prized cookbook or displaying grandma’s hand me down eggbeater you used as a child could be features you opt for. Classic contemporary kitchen styles can be customised to reflect your taste and style.

How long do you spend in the kitchen?

According to Forbes(1), each day we spend on average just over two hours in our kitchens. Whether your kitchen is a classic contemporary kitchen or a completely different style, a well-planned kitchen is essential for a flowing home. Expertly designed and built kitchens equate to less time wasted navigating around other people, a lack of bench space, finding the appliances, Tupperware or cutlery. A beautiful and functional kitchen gives you more time for the important things (which you’ll likely find is spending more time in the kitchen).

Value and Warranty

A renovated kitchen adds value to your home and when it comes with a warranty, it’s a risk-free investment. The Classic Contemporary Kitchen Style is highly sought after by both families and singles when in the property market. We highly recommend partnering with expert designers who:

  • Specialise in kitchens.
  • Offer their own warranty in addition to the warranty that comes standard with appliances and products.
  • Have experience working in a range of kitchen types.
  • Work with your budget but still offer high-quality workmanship and finishes.
  • Can see the design through from demolition to final touches.
  • Employ the services of Master Builders.

Showrooms and 3D plans

We have been cooking for over 40,000 years so it is no wonder that human genius has come up with some clever ways to cook with joy rather than as a chore. Everyone has their own style in the kitchen. That is why visiting a showroom or exploring 3D digital plans are invaluable. The team of expert designers at Sydney Style Bathrooms and Kitchens love bathrooms and kitchens. Whether you are a home master-chef, or you are more inclined to eat rather than cook, our designers have options for everyone. We also manage the renovation from start to finish with most products being supplied and installed by us!


REFERENCE:   Barlow T. Forbes. 2011. “Americans Cook the Least and Eat the Fastest” [cited 2019 4 Jun].